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Mermaid & Sea Sirens

Fire Mermaid, LED Mermaid, Sea Sirens Meet&Greet or Mermaid Swim Shows

  • 1 h
  • Price Varies
  • Event Location

Service Description

Kids Parties: Your choice of Land (dry) or Sea (swimming) Mermaid Story Telling, Fun Activities, Mermaid Makeup, Special handmade gift for birthday child from their real mermaid. Adult Events: Your choice of Land (dry) or Sea (swimming) Mermaid or Dancing Sea Sirens. Shows with or without fire, synchronized swim shows, Event ambiance or Choreographed shows Glorious water divas known as the Sirens and Mermaids. Sirens create sultry movements adding mystery and allure. They undulate as the movements of the sea and slowly strike captivating poses. The Mermaids lounge waterside with glistening hair and flowing arms. Find yourself immersed in their beauty that has been said to reflect the wonderous treasures and power of the sea itself.

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